Our team works across most areas of New Zealand law to provide Marlburians with the advice and support they need - at home, in business, and in day-to-day life.


Whether you're buying or selling your property, we'll make your settlement and title transfer process run as smoothly as possible, while protecting your rights along the way.

Our team is highly experienced in commercial and residential property transactions and can advise at any stage of the buying and selling process.

We specialise in helping first-home buyers through the process of their first property purchase, and we can help to de-jargonise the language of real estate.

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We provide expert commercial legal advice to businesses of all sizes.

Whether you're starting out in business or need legal support for your company, our experienced team will provide you with dedicated commercial support.

As business owners ourselves, we understand the intricacies of doing business right, and can advise across all areas of commercial law.

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Having a clear understanding of your rights and obligations as an employer or employee will help to keep your work relationship running smoothly.

From time to time things can go wrong though, and that's when you need straightforward and knowledgeable legal advice that's relevant to your situation.

Our team is highly experienced in employment law and can advise you along any stage of your employment - from preparing and reviewing contracts and offers of employment, to resolving employment disputes.

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From time-to-time in business and in life, people come across bumps in the road.

Whether you're looking to issue a civil litigation or need to respond to one, our experienced team is on-hand to guide you and represent your best interests - both within and outside of Court.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to litigate or resolve a civil legal issue.



When you're looking to use natural resources for your business or home, you want to ensure you have the best legal support to ensure things run smoothly.

Our team has strong experience in resource management law and can advise you along any stage of resource management, from navigating the consent process to managing risk and dealing with resource management issues.

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We realise it's hard to think about a relationship going wrong when it's going so right, but we also know it pays to be protected just in case.

Our team is experienced in helping clients to prepare relationship property agreements, and in protecting their interests when relationships don't last.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to protect your property at any stage of your relationship.



We have decades of experience in helping our clients to protect their assets.

This can include helping clients to protect their personal assets against business risk, preparing Property Relationship Agreements, and helping clients to plan for succession in their businesses.

Contact us to discuss how we can help to protect your assets.



Our experienced team is able to advise on the preparation and management of Wills and Trusts, and is on-hand to manage your Estate when you pass away.

Establishing a Trust or preparing a Will takes a strong legal eye to ensure you're protecting yourself and your family.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to best prepare a Will or to establish a Trust.