We pride ourselves on being genuine, open and honest with our clients, building strong relationships that are based on trust and focused on results.

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Registered Legal Executive (Associate)

Registered Legal Executive (Associate)

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Registered Legal Executive (Associate)

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Registered Legal Executive


Receptionist / Accounts Assistant

Angeline Woolf

Ang has been a Legal Executive with Wisheart Macnab & Partners since 2012.


Having started her career in banking and lending, Ang first began working in a law firm in 2002.


Ang has experience across many areas including conveyancing, commercial law, resource management, litigation, and Estates.


As a Registered Legal Executive she works closely with David Clark, and says the quality of the firm's work shows through the strong relationships it has with its clients.

"Clients benefit greatly working with a lawyer they can relate to, who suits their personality and needs."

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Tracey Ward

Tracey joined the firm in 2013, first as receptionist and support for accounts and Legal Executives, before becoming a full-time Legal Assistant for Deeanne Taylor in 2018.

Tracey qualified as a Registered Legal Executive in 2021.

She says a key strength of Wisheart Macnab & Partners is in how the team works together and relates to our clients.

"We have a relaxed, productive atmosphere. Everybody has different strengths that blend really well to get the best results for our clients."

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Allanah Shannon

Clients often get a surprise to see their hairdresser behind the desk at our reception.

As well as being a talented stylist in Blenheim, Allanah is our receptionist on Mondays.

Allanah has been with the firm for more than two years and really enjoys meeting all types of personalities who visit us.

Hairdressers have a natural knack for striking up conversations with their clients, and Allanah brings this skill to our reception with a warm welcome every week.

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Trisha Thompson

The team at Wisheart Macnab & Partners is like a big family, so when Trisha returned to the firm in 2015 after a break it felt like she was back home.

Trisha first worked at WMP in 1995 as David Clark's Legal Secretary. She now provides secretarial support for John Leggett and Charles Murdoch.

Trisha says the team's genuine and down-to-earth approach ensures that our clients' needs are always top of mind.

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Rachel Zydenbos

When Rachel Zydenbos left Marlborough Girls' College in 1986, she never thought her first job as office junior would lead her to a lifelong role at Wisheart Macnab & Partners​.

Now an Associate of the firm and a Registered Legal Executive (Fellow), Rachel looks after Estates, Wills, Powers of Attorney and Family Trusts on behalf of the firm together with conveyancing work.

Compassion and being able to connect with clients are key qualities in Rachel's role, and she says the firm's culture provides the perfect environment for clients who are considering their future asset protection, and for families who are still mourning a loved one and need to settle their Estate. 

"We're about putting people first. Sometimes clients just need to sit and talk, and we reassure them that they're not on their own - we're here to guide them through the process.

"We've got things under control so they don't need to worry."

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Deeanne Taylor

Deeanne is our Staff Solicitor, working both alongside our Partners and for her own growing client base.

Deeanne moved to Marlborough to join the firm in 2016, and has quickly built a base of new clients.

She has a mix of business and legal talent, having worked for banking firms in both Auckland and the United Kingdom.

Comparing her work here to large city practices, she says working in a close-knit region like Marlborough makes her work much more personal.

"Our work here isn't about numbers. We're working for people, and we're dealing with people's livelihoods.


Integrity, knowledge and compassion matter, and that's what motivates us to get the best possible outcomes for our clients."

"That's what's so enjoyable - our client work is very personal and we hold ourselves accountable for building quality relationships with each and every client."

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Frances Gee

Frances has worked in law since 1986 and has played a key role in our firm since 1999.

She has worked alongside John Leggett since 2000 and says the successful working relationship they've built over nearly 20 years has been based on having a great attitude and trust.

"We both think similarly and keep a level head in complex situations, to ensure the best results for our clients."

While John has additional commitments as Marlborough's Mayor, he and Frances have adapted their working styles to ensure their clients continue to receive expert legal support.


Frances' work includes property conveyancing and refinancing, Trusts, Wills, and Powers of Attorney.

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Bex Dewes

Ensuring the best outcome for her clients is always at the top of Bex's mind.

Bex is a Registered Legal Executive working alongside Charles Murdoch. Her work includes all aspects of property conveyancing, subdivisions, commercial lawwills, and asset planning and protection.

"I love the close-knit dynamic of our office, building great relationships with our clients and like-minded professionals, and I love getting the desired resolution for our clients."

Bex joined the firm in 2016 after moving to Marlborough from Masterton, where she had been working in a highly regarded law firm for 10 years.

"You quickly learn to appreciate that everybody has a different perspective, and you work hard to find the right balance."

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Roz Bulfin

Roz is PA to Rachel Zydenbos and manages the settling and distribution of Estates.

Roz first joined Wisheart Macnab & Partners in 1990 before working for Internal Affairs. She returned to the firm in 2007.


Roz says the friendly, approachable nature of Wisheart Macnab & Partners makes a big difference for her clients throughout Marlborough.

Settling an Estate requires both compassion and attention to detail.

Roz takes pride in her reliability and prompt turnaround to ensure clients' Estates are settled and distributed with minimal delay while maintaining a high level of care and attention.

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Alison Porter

A brief stint as relief receptionist for Wisheart Macnab and Partners in 2002 led Alison to a long-standing career with the firm.

Alison is responsible for the firm's trust and office accounts, and ensures client investments are carefully managed and accounted for.

With often-complex transactions to stay on top of, her role requires a great understanding of numbers and attention to detail - something that Alison loves.

She says the longevity of staff working at Wisheart Macnab & Partners speaks volumes for the firm's culture. "There's a lot of knowledge and experience here - it's a great place to work."

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Livvy Hodson

Administering a lively local law firm means that every day brings something new.

No day is the same for Livvy, who joined our firm as Administration Assistant straight from Marlborough Girls' College in 2016.

Livvy's role is varied across reception, filing the many Deeds and Wills that we administer, and providing administration and accounts support for the team.

But there's one aspect she loves the most, and that's our clients. "Having great relationships with our clients is really important and it helps us to give strong personal attention to their work."

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Kat Martin

Chances are that Kat will be the first person you meet when you come into our office.

Kat grew up in Picton before beginning a legal career in Wellington in 2011. She joined the firm in 2018 as receptionist and support for Accounts and our Legal Executives and Secretaries.

Kat enjoys being part of a team of hard-working, likeminded people who thrive on building great relationships with their clients while working hard to achieve the best possible results for them.

"I love how genuine and supportive our team is. They're great listeners and are attentive to the needs of both clients and staff," she says.

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